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Want to Sponsor the Good Work of MITIE?

14 May 2024 5:35 PM | Anonymous

Fundamentally, MITIE is an egalitarian group. We provide free access to our most valuable asset, our forum. We recognize the contributions of every individual, whether they are working in a school or supplying services to schools, regardless of their seniority, the prestige of their employer, or their background. With this in mind, we have structured opportunities suitable for most businesses to support MITIE if they choose to.

Why Sponsor MITIE?

You chose to work in the EdTech space to make a significant positive impact on education.

You share the same values as MITIE and have witnessed the benefits it provides to its members. You want to support this mission and help it grow further.

You aspire to support an inclusive national organization with over 2,500 members, aiming to collaborate with educational groups across Australia, New Zealand, and eventually the entire APAC region.

What might MITIE do with the Money that is Raised?

MITIE is a non-profit organization, and we pledge to spend all the money you donate to support the MITIE community and its members in their great work. Your contributions will enable MITIE to organize more events, provide additional benefits to our members, such as free conference attendance for our female members, host more social gatherings, and create more opportunities for schools and vendors to interact and learn from each other.

We further pledge not to leave money idle in a bank when it can be better invested in initiatives that benefit the MITIE community.

For more information on how you can support MITIE, please visit the link below.

MITIE Inc. - Sponsor Us

We request that all vendors wishing to sponsor MITIE to fill out the sponsorship form on the link provided ASAP as there are limited spaces.

Please direct question to president@mitie.edu.au

Mike Parker
(on behalf of the MITIE Steering Committee)

MITIE Incorporated. ABN 85 607 373 857.

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