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Trusted Advisor Program: Presented by Mandy Holloway from Courageous Leaders


At the NSW term 2 conference held at Inaburra School in 2016, Mandy Holloway presented on becoming a trusted advisor. This course grew out of the level of interest in that session allowing MITIE members to learn how to garner the trust of their organisation's leadership and to become a trusted advisor.


Three workshops of one day duration: Highly interactive workshops are scheduled with 4 to 6 weeks between each of them giving participants time to complete the self directed learning, practice, experiment and trial the new insights and knowledge and skills they gain.

Overview and purpose

IT professionals within Educational Institutions and vendors to these IT professionals have highly developed technical mastery and with rapid global innovation the pressure to keep it current is immense. These same people find themselves leading the change to implement this rapid innovation into the Educational Institutions ­requiring them to think about and integrate not only technology, but people and process to create the successful outcome.

This blended learning program brings a focus on creating outstanding results not only for the members who participate but importantly the Institutions and organisations sponsoring such participation.

Key Benefits and Outcomes:

This program achieves such results because it develops the awareness and skills within each person participating to:

  • engage proactively with internal and external stakeholders
  • unleash the courage to have real conversations
  • earn the reputation of being a “trusted advisor”.
Critical inclusions:
  • Baseline LSI 1 and 2 measurement and optional retesting about 9 months after completion of the program
  • Three workshops of one day duration each
  • Self Directed Learning Component
  • Learning Groups – providing workplace support
  • Action Learning Project
  • Developing a 90 Day Plan to ignite action
  • Executive Reports to encourage those back in the workplace to support the application of learning
  • Evaluation framework to measure the changes.


This course will run if we have 8 enrolments, the preferred number is 16 and the maximum is 25
Costs below are an estimate may vary depending on the number enrolled
Forum members:  $3,300 + GST
Professional and Educational Bundle and Corporate Bundle members receive a 20% discount.

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What Next?

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